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My Elca and Liz’s Sasha :> They’re twins in basically any AU where our characters coexist and they are perfect


SnK Fanart: Erwin and Nile in the early days. - Apr.23 2014


i bought some vintage notebook that grade schoolers used in the 20s in France, the paper looks so nice, to draw my boys from Tracklist

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This is just the sketch but it’s for Iya x: 

It’s her Character, Emnine.

hooohohohoho i finally can reblog this. IT’S EMNINE!!! /ETHEREAL DEATH WAIL!!!! o my gosh i’m so happy… I love her even tho I don’t draw her much. I miss her ;//w//; And you drew her in such a cool pose WITH GUNS…. AND SASS….HUFF HUFF this is so her, striking a pose and whatnot heehee I’M SO HAPPY… and them hips *q*…yes…. ajdskjfsjg THANK YOU KATY AHHHH/////♥

for slumberfish ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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Sometimes, I have to take pictures of the incredible messes my younger sister leaves around the house that I have to clean up, because it’s just so unbelievable to me that someone could have so little respect for a household and the others living there. I can’t believe she had a cup of rotting to-go coffee in her room and instead of throwing it away, decided to defer it to someone else’s responsibility by leaving it on a table in the hallway where it would rot further and stink up the entire house, and start to leak out of the paper cup and soak into the magazine on the table next to it and damage the wood. What an amazing display of absolute indifference and disrespect. Where’s my camera?