….it’s not the last time, Haru, don’t trust him

I wanted some happy smiling Rin-Rin so I drew him with Haru because these idiots make me happier uwu


"We will never be alone again"

BGM: “Instant Crush” by Daft Punk

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I lost hundreds of hours looking for a place where I could touch the ground
I found two thousand words to keep and sang a hundred chosen by chance
They sounded like they already existed
I screamed the ones I didn’t like

And I realized, they only talked about us.

from a really pretty song.
I’m sure this is what happens after the hand holding scene. Just right before unleashing the apocalypse for the second time jfc shinji. drew this yesterday in a fart, but could just upload now. i got home so late im exhausted



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Assuming the mangaverse is connected to the NGE/Rebuild loop, what if the manga loop wasn’t Kaworu’s first loop like most fans believe? This comic plays with such a scenario.


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